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Clear Input Data Cache

9 - Comet

I've looked around the UI and forums for a bit thinking there had to be an easy way to do this, but came up empty.  Is there an easy way in Alteryx to clear the cached data from inputs?  I've got several inputs across multiple workflows where I have the "Cache Data" option checked to avoid hitting my tables with each run.  However, if I update one of those tables in a previous workflow, I want to be able to tell Alteryx to clear the cache and pull the new data.  The cleanest way I can figure to do it right now is to copy the cached yxdb path from the Results window and just run a "del *path*" in cmd, but this is not ideal.  Am I missing something in the UI somewhere?

11 - Bolide

I don't think there is a 're cache all' feature. Sounds like a good idea to suggest in the 'ideas' community tab.


You could setup your first workflow to modify your second yxmd worflow xml to "uncheck" the cache field (w/o looking i assume it is just a true/false) IF your first workflow updates the data.


There are probably several ways to hack your way around the problem but it depends on how all your workflows work together.