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Clean up names in a Position Hierarchy table that is by location

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Hello all,

This link is close to what i have but I can't seem to get it to the final bit.


So I have a table that is by locations and then it also has the VP, Director, Manager, and Supervisor in it as hierarchies.  The issue I have is people have entered their names in different ways.  IE:  John Smith, John T. Smith.  


Is there a way I can clean this up so that each field has the same name for the same person?  I attempted to do this with fuzzy match on location codes but it quickly grew to be way too big and slow.


Table is like this:

AJohn SmithHomer SimpsonBilly BobJim Bob
BJohn T SmithHomer P SimpsonBilly J bobJim T Bob
CJohn SmithHomer SimpsonBilly J BobJim T Bob
DJohn T SmithHomer SimpsonBilly BobJim Bob


I would like it to pick one name IE:  John Smith and show that for all locations for VP, and the same for the other positions.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @ISUGraber ,


Attached is an example showing how to configure it. I'm using a 80% threshold, but as your data grow, you need to check if 80% matchscore guarantees properly matches.



Fernando Vizcaino

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I want to say thank you for the extremely quick response.  That was exactly what I needed.