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Chi-Square Distribution Tables to Find P-Values

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I'm wondering if there is a way to find p-values when you have a chi-square value and the degrees of freedom? This would be similar to the function CHISQ.DIST.RT(x,df) in Excel or pchisq(chisq,df,lower.tail=FALSE) in R.


Business case is, I have a 2x2 contingency table that I needed to see if the phi coefficient were significant using chi-square. I manually calculated the chi-square but if you know of a way to easily calculate that over 100+ iterations I would be very grateful (or a method to get both chi-square/p-values in one-go).



Thank you!


Hi @jaredme , check out the Distribution Analysis tool . I'd right click on it and open the underlying example to see how it works, but it will give you the Chi-Square and significance.