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Check to See if a Column is Empty

I have to run a number of checks on a large set of data. One check is to see if there is at least on record for each contract number in a key. My thought was to join them with the document on the left and the key on the right. Then, count the results in the left join. If the count is 0, then it passes. However, I am getting no results. I have attached a simple example of what i am talking about. I know I can just look and see if it's empty, but I have about 50 checks and am trying to create a report of Passes and fails.

Alteryx Certified Partner

I think the best tools for this scenario are Count Record (coincidentally this is your user icon) and Test. The Count Records will always produce a record with the count of records, and that value can be used by the Test tool to throw an error if the count is not 0.


I've added these tools to your workflow. Take a look and let me know if this works for you.

This worked perfectly! Thanks for your help!





Sorry @CharlieS didn't realise you had resolved this already !





Is the issue that your connected to the wrong output of the join tool

See attached 





Oops, I did connect to the wrong output of the join tool, but the issue was, if connected correctly, when there were no records, I wasn't getting a count of zero. I was getting no results at all.



Agh I see, the count records method provided by @CharlieS resolves for you anyway :)