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Check Box Tool - Disable workflow if unchecked, enable if checked

8 - Asteroid

Hi All,


User input tool always confuses me. 

Please read below to see what I am trying to achieve. I have attached a simplified version of what I am currently doing. 


Basically, The Checkbox tool is attached to Summarize Tool.

All I want to happen is if the user puts CHECK, then continue to Summarize tool and the rest of the workflow, if the user leaves it UNCHECKED, then stop and Ignore everything attached to it. I have about 8 Checkboxes with separate workflow individually that eventually gets combined with join tool.

So those that are CHECKED should feed into the join tool, whereas those UNCHECKED should not.



Thank you so much for your help and time.



Hi @mjh418 - By the sound of your problem, you may want to explore the Detour tool in Alteryx: https://www.thedataschool.co.uk/gregg-rimmer/using-detour-tool-alteryx 

17 - Castor

@ArtApa's suggestion of Detour is key to understanding normal usage of the check box tool. I think your case though is even more bare bones. It's just taking the checkbox and sending to a filter. Since nothing happens if the check box isn't checked and there is no datastream movement after the checkbox, you don't even need the detour. Just use a filter and ignore the False side - and test the value coming in from the question (check box) which is already a Boolean. See the attached workflow for an illustration.


Again - on more complicated check boxes you'll use @ArtApa 's suggestion of a detour...

8 - Asteroid

@apathetichell While I was waiting, i found a solution using Conditional input tool but your solution works just as well and is simpler. Thank you very much for your time and help.