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Charting tool -- Adding sub-titles for Groupings

Within the charting tool (Report/Presentation tools) I have grouped my data to create multiple charts.  How do I title/sub-title each chart to identify which group it is?   My variable is Region.  I have tried putting into the subtitle field of the charting tool each of the following:  Region, [Region], [[Region]], but instead of picking up the variable, it puts in exactly what I typed.  Any ideas?
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

The best way to get a title associated with a chart, map, or table is to use the Text tool located in the Reporting toolbox. The below image shows a module that adds a subtitle to a map.

By taking the data that is going in to your map and connecting it to a Text tool you can set the header to look however you would like. The Available Fields drop down menu will allow you to select the field you want (Region in your case) to display on your map.


After configuring the text tool, you will need to bring the header text tool and the chart you created together via a join tool. If you are only creating 1 chart, you can "join by record position." However, if you are grouping to creating several charts you will want to join based on Group, and whatever unique field you are grouping by.

The last component, is adding a Layout tool, where you will determine the placement of your header. If you want it on top, you will need a Vertical layout vs. a Horizontal layout for side by side.


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