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Chart Legend Customization

7 - Meteor

Hello! My name is Dominick Kuljis and I have a couple questions about using the customizing the legend within the chart module. I want to run a batch macro which puts out over 20 graphs for various different hospitals and I would like to customize the legend of each graph to the respective hospital it corresponds to. I know the name of the column which you assign to the series within the chart drop down shows up in the legend is there a way I can change this series name after creating the chart. I saw you could customize a map rendering legend but I can find no options to change the legend of the graph without changing each different series.


Picture1 is what currently is put out by my workflow and I would like it to change the box highlighted in black to a Hospital Name. Picture2 depicts the same graphs but now with data displayed from Hospital 2 on it.




Hi @kuljisd,


I recommend you take a look at the Tool Mastery article on Charting and the sample workflow within Designer called "Batch reports with Charts Maps" (Help -> Sample Workflows -> Presentation Workflows.  For a more detailed training resource, please see the following training recording:  Live Training: Getting Started with Batch Reporting.


In your case, you'll need to setup a Grouping field, a Label field, and to plot the data by Field (see below).  Attached is a sample workflow to demonstrate.






Jerad Rades

Customer Support Engineer

7 - Meteor

Wow!! Sweet that is amazing!! I have found a fix myself but I will definitely use this for next time!