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Characters Gets Truncated When Read using Input Tool


Hi Friends,


I am desigining an Alteryx Workflow. I have an excel file which contains 3 columns and one particular column consists data with data length of more than 600 . When i use the Input tool to read and connect browse tool to see the output, i get String Concatenation error for that particular column. i tried to increase the character length using select tool. but still, it doesnt help and i am geting the same error. Please help me solve this issue.


1MikeColumn length greater than 600
2DaveColumn length greater than 600
Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Would you be able to post a few sample records from Excel?

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I was able to solve it. i increased the incoming field length in the workflow. it worked.


@aysha6029 could you detail how you increased the incoming field length. I'm running into a similar issue where the incomming field length for an excel input data tool is over 260 characters. It is truncating the data in the field and causing problems later in the workflow. truncated results window view2018-11-14_12-53-23.jpg