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Changing column names and output data based on specific row numbers

Hi everyone,


I have attached a sample workflow and the excel data file. I am trying to change the column names of my output data to Title 1, Title 2, and so on. However, I want the value to still be abc ; 145 def ; 223 and so on. Is there a way to do this in Alteryx or would I have to manually do this with my excel file by adding a new column? Also, abc ; 145 and jkl ; 125 appear twice for two different emails. I want them to have the same title, so abc ; 145 would have Title 1 and both values would appear under that column for the particular emails they are associated with. I also want to output the data based on specific rows. So I would like to have one output that contains row 1-3 with all the columns, and a separate output that contains row 4-6 with all the columns. I have attached a sample workflow and the excel file I used to input the data into the workflow. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Alteryx Partner

So just to be clear, your input data is the first attached file: Alteryxexample.xlsx, and you'd like to get something like OutputData.PNG as your output?

Hi @tcroberts The first file is the input file I have in my workflow but the second one is my current output.

Alteryx Partner

Oh I see, and you're looking to change the names. In this case, you should look into the Dynamic Rename tool. If you give me a bit more detail about exactly how you'd like to change the names, I can whip together an example for you. In general though, Dynamic Rename allows you to use expressions to rename fields, or pass a second input to use as field names.


As for having separate outputs for different rows, I think your best way to do this is the RecordID tool followed by a filter, You could filter on:


RecordID >3


In which case the T anchor would have records 4-6, while the F anchor would have records 1-3


Let me know if this helps,



@tcroberts I have attached my sample workflow. I want to change the columns names to Title 1, Title 2, and so on, but the value in the cells should remain as they are.

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Here's an example of what I was talking about:




Also, I'm unsure exactly the processing that needs to be done in your workflow, but I'm fairly certain you can get the same output with a single Cross Tab tool, grouping by email, after you duplicate the SW Title field so you can have it in both name and value, as follows:


Let me know if this works for you,



@tcroberts Thanks for your help. Can I use the filter tool specify records >= 1 and <= 150? Not sure how to do that.

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So just to be clear, you'd like two outputs: one with all records >= 1 AND <= 150, and another with all the ones <=1 and >=150?


Or are you saying you're looking to break it up into more than two streams?


If its the first case, you can do exactly as you've described in the Custom Expression Builder in the Filter tool:


[RecordID] >= 1 AND [RecordID] <=150


If its the second case, you'll need to add additional filters. Each filter tool can only break the data off into two streams.


@tcroberts So I have 3589 records in my workflow and i'd like to break them up into 150 rows each so in total, 24 outputs. 1-150, 151-300, 301-450 and so on