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Changing (100) to -100


Hey guys,


So I am pulling a lot of account balances from excel and summarizing them by different groupings. The only problem is that my input files have negative balances in the for of (###.##) and these parentheses are breaking my sums. Is there a formula to change "(###.##)" to "- ###.##"?


Hi @all163 


You can handle this by using a Formula tool with the following 




This will replace the open bracket with "-" and the closing bracket with "" (blank string).  Your field will still be a string, so consider using a Select tool to change it's type to double



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @all163 


Try this in the formula tool:


If REGEX_Match(Number, "\(.*\)")Then

ToNumber(ReplaceChar(Number, "()", ""))*-1

Else [Number]



Hi @all163 

You can take either of the two approaches promoted by @LordNeilLord and @danilang (both are fantastic) and put into a multi-field formula tool. That will let you change the data type to a numeric data type so that you can use it in a sum.'


Or, in the formula tool, you can create a new field based off of the old one, and make it numeric.