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Change values of a column based on certain rules.

data example1.jpg


Hi Community,

(Please see screen shot for data structure understanding)


I would like to change the [Value] column to absolute values (as some of the numbers are negative) based on the rules below:


  1. Any Item that is below “Salaire Brut” and [RecordID] should be greater than that of “Salaire Brut”’s [RecordID]’s


I hope this makes sense?

Alteryx Partner

Hello @gurpreet-singh ,


For that you would need to use the multi row formula twice:


First one could be something like:


IF [F2] =  "Salaire Brut" THEN [Row-1:New_column]+1 ELSE  [Row-1:New_column] ENDIF


And the second would be:


IF [F2] !=  "Salaire Brut" AND [New_column] > 0 THEN ABS([Value]) ELSE [Value] ENDIF




hi @gurpreet-singh 


Can you post an example of what your required output would be?



thank you @afv2688