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Change value in cell A1

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I have multiple excel files with different text in cell A1. I would like to replace these texts as one particular value/text. 


I have tried several options such as RegEx, Formula tool etc. However, none seem to work. The workflow built needs to work for multiple files with all files having different text in A1. 


What solution can be used for such a case?




Hi @kaushik_birmiwal 


Could you share an example of your data? It sounds like there could be multiple ways that this is achievable.



7 - Meteor

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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



You can use the "first row contains data" in the Input tool. That will push the data down a row and make each column Field 1, Field 2. From there you can do a lot of different things to match the data from using a sample tool to pull the first row out and then changing the names and then Union the correct field name son top of the data and using the Dynamic Rename tool to pull that data into the header.


Remember that if you bring in all of the spreadsheets at once, your headers will be in the data.


You also have the option of creating a batch macro that will bring in data by position and ignore the names of the fields. You can then use the dynamic rename again to update the fields.