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Change the Background color of Text Input items


I have certain Input Text items within a worklflow that I would like to change the background color in order to highlight those inputs.  Is it possible to change the background color in the Input Text-Text boxes within a workflow?

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To edit the visual formatting of data, it would first need to be rendered into a table using the Table tool in the Reporting section. I've attached an example that fills with orange when the temperature is over 100.



To provide more detail.  Below is a screenshot.  I would like to change the background color of the input text (Positions 26th June...)  I am looking for a way to highlight the Input Text of certain Input Data boxes.




You're saying to change the background color of the Input Data label, correct?  I don't know of a way to do this, but I frequently use Tool Containers and change the fill color to highlight certain tools:


An easy way to add the containers is to right click on the tool(s) and select "Add to New Container".  Then select the container and choose whatever fill color you want in the container's configuration.

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Oh haha, I definitely read that differently.


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