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Change proxy connection in download tool


I am having issues with the Download Tools behind an explicit proxy that requires credentials.


We have a PAC file that controls our proxy access and our browsers are locked down.


But the error is just: Error: Download (6): Error transferring data: Failure when receiving data from the peer


It doesn't say it is an authentication failure or anything else.


How was this solved? I'm running into a similar issue.


I am wondering if there has been any update on this issue? It appears that if you do not have access to change proxy setting or able to run a script then there is no alternative to connect to salesforce?  Is there any plan to overcome the issue for users? I have local admin rights on my work PC but I am still unable to configure settings.


We sort of gave up and use a tool like ProxyCap ( - $30) or Proxifier ( - $40) to make it work.