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Change input connection type from in-db to regular input node




I inherited a workflow that utilizes many in-db connections, however, I am finding it very difficult to quickly develop changes to the workflow because the in-db tools are extremely slow and keep freezing my program. I am wondering if there is a quick way to modify an input connection and bulk change them from in-db to regular input connections via the xml. I looked into the xml and see no discernable pattern between the two (regular input and in-db), and figured the alteryx community might have a work-around. 


Have you tried going to Options, User Settings, Edit User Settings, and then on the Advanced tab check Disable Auto Configure.  That should make so you can switch them out without it freezing.


I tried that to no avail. The real issue that happens from using in-db is that it takes anywhere from 2-4 seconds to load configuration of each node, which is infuriatingly slow when trying to quickly iterate a model. 


Sorry about that - I was hopeful!  I don't know how you could manipulate the XML.  The most I've ever done with that is for cases where I have 20 input tools, all pointing to files in a directory, and then I change the directory, so I go into the XML and just find/replace the directory string.