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Change date Format - Multiple fields

6 - Meteoroid

Hi ,


could someone help me with changing date format for multiple fields from YYYY-MM-DD To MM-DD-YYYY for multiple fields.

The multiple fields are below and i have attached my workflow and input file.


Agreed Go-live date
Initial Price Wire Recd FBSC
Final Price Wire Recd FBSC
PFM Qualification Completed Date
Price Validation Completed Date
Effective Date
Conceps/ DORA
Invoice Live Date


13 - Pulsar

Here's a multi-field which will take a date field and change it to string field in the mm-dd-yyyy format... notes:


i wasn't sure which fields you wanted based upon your descriptions - so just click them in the multi-field tool and they'll be created. I left the originals as dates since mm-dd-yyyy is a string and can't be used for date/time calculations.