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Change column header based on different spreadsheets

6 - Meteoroid

So here's my situation:


I'm drafting a data dictionary for my company. The master document will have the standardized descriptions for the columns of the data we're going to use. We will be doing imports from multiple clients, all of whom might name their columns slightly different names. For example, the master document might say "Vendor_Name" whereas the incoming data from the client might say "Vendor," "Client," "Vendor name," and so on. We're trying to standardize the name of the column so it can be joined with all other clients.


The ideal solution would be for me to be able to have a drop-down tool that takes a look at the column names of the master list and be able to change the column names in the incoming data to the given name before exporting it back out. I saw a couple of other solutions on this site, but they don't quite work. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you folks can potentially provide. 



8 - Asteroid

If you know the expected field titles that you could receive in the files you can then use the dynamic rename tool to achieve the renaming of the columns with a mapping table , attached is a sample .


I have included the different names you mentioned in the text input and then created small mapping table as the other input for the dynamic rename tool .


If you need popup for mapping then you would need to use macros and app to achieve the input for each rename of column