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Change Output Path in HDFS (output tool)

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in output tool, Is there a way to dynamic change data path result for HDFS via connection 



hdfsc:Hostname=<<Host Name >>:<<Port>>;User=<<User>>;Password=<<PASSWORD>>;Authenticate=false;Tempdir=/tmp;URL=<<HOST NAME>>:<<PORT>>/<<APIGATEWAY>>|||/dev/result/data_.csv


I have scenario where I have to save different data path base on  environment  ( dev/prod/qa) 


I was wondering is there a possible way to change data path in hdfs ( change /dev/result/data_.csv  values)


Image 1.png


Since Append/prepend/change file would only change name of the file not location data.

and I did with entire path which I require copy who string which contain user and password which I concern on security.


Are there recommend solutions?





You can use a concept called a Batch Macro. This a great article that will help you get started.


Using the Control Parameter module you will be able to feed in the values you'd like to overwrite the path with and the Action Module will allow you to choose which bit you would like to replace - see the below





8 - Asteroid

Hi @MichalM  


Thank you for the idea, I manage to create simple batch macro that  can change enviroment folder in hdfs. The article is really helpful.