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Change Default Workflow


Hi All,


I want to use a workflow template to be the default New Workflow i.e. when i make a new workflow it will have certain containers already on there. Anybody done something like this?


We have created/are creating a "library" folder of template workflows. You could set what you want as a template and then open that one, save as your new name.


We have also set up macros for any standardized processes we use so that no matter who is working on something, the data is pulled in and connected the same way.


@JTCairns  - You could potentially overwrite the Alteryx "Start Here" workflow with a template workflow of your choosing that would open up initially whenever Designer is started.  Would still have to navigate to the template if you're adding new workflow tabs, but it would get you there for the first one.


In User Settings you can check the box to display the "Start Here" workflow, and by right-clicking the Start Here workflow tab you can see where it is saved and referenced.