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Change CloudMade Basemap back to previous version


Dear Alteryx Community,

I noticed that the CloudMade base map has changed. The current version makes our analysis more difficult as road names etc. are less visible. Is there a way to change it back to the previous version with more colours, not the current grey one?

Thanks in advance.  


Hi @flojosx,


I'm assuming that you're asking to change to the Carto maps back to CloudMade?  As of 11.0, Alteryx replaced the free CloudMade mapping API with the Carto Dark and Carto Positron maps that you're seeing in the Designer.  Unfortunately rolling back to a version prior to 11.0 will not work either because of a redirect.


If you're on 11.0, the Carto Dark map seems to have more contrast than the Carto Positron map.




I am using the Carto (Positron), but it is still really bad for our analysis. I am still running Alteryx 10.6 but it changed there too, while still called CloudMade. I hope there be an update soon with a better map, as this "upgrade" is really annoying for us. 


@flojosx - You can always add ideas to the Alteryx Product Ideas page.  Perhaps you could suggest a different Carto tileset with more common colorization.

I agree 100%.  The new version could definitely use some improvement.  We use TomTom for our domestic mapping and the CloudMade Basemap for our international analysis and it has made life extremely difficult.  The odd thing is that the map input tool still uses the original version of the CloudMade basemap. 

Alteryx Partner

There is definitely some value to this proposal @flojosx because;


  • Cannot draw the maps quickly. Not responsive.
  • Most of the time I get is a parse error...
  • These Carto maps halt frequently and even crash Alteryx session at hand...

Not expected in such an #enterprise level software. When I demoed this in front of several mobile telco clients in Turkey,

they immediately figured out that Alteryx mapping is #old looking and #buggy. Period.




Here is a common viewPicture1.png