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Hi all,

Hoping you can advise. I have 14 quite complex data flows. They are to be run one after the other. However, I don’t want the end client to run them manually one by one. I’d rather they click one button and the process runs and executed each of the 14 data flows one after the other automatically. How can this be done, can I chain them somehow?



Hi @RevlinAbbi 


The CREW Runner Macros are great for this kind of use case:


Do you have / able to have those macros installed?



Hi @RevlinAbbi,


My best recommendation would be for you to use CREW macro pack and the 2 specific tools that you could consider are: Runner and Conditional Runner.


This way you can chain a series of workflows and make execution of later steps dependent of success of the proceeding ones.


If you don't care about successful executions of previous steps you can use List Runner.


You can download macros from here:


This provides an intuition of how this looks like (attached workflow is to get you started - please reference your own workflows respectively) - logs are collected and the email gives you clarity of where things break, when they do.







#Excuse me, do you speak Alteryx?


Hi @RevlinAbbi 


Using the various Crews runner macros works well if you're running from the Scheduler or in Designer, but they don't work when running from the gallery. 


On the gallery you can get around this by using the built functionality to be able to chain a series of workflows together.  On the Workflow tab of the Workflow - Configuration screen, change type of your workflows to Analytic App.




Once you do this, go into the Interface Designer, clear on the gear and check "On Success - Run Another Analytic App".  




and enter the name of the workflow to run.


Check out this post for an interactive lesson on chaining apps





This looks like this will be appropriate. I’ve just downloaded the four workflows (workflow1-input, workflow2-process, etc) and the final workflow. I can run each of the workflows but the runall workflow isn’t running. It has an error saying “the entry point is invalid”. So I’m not sure who this runall workflow is able to run the other 4 workflows. Does this example work for anyone else?
Thanks all, I have this working now. Just changed the flow into an app then chained from there via the interface designer. Works well!