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Chaining Application in a loop and storing selections in the order they were selected?


The application I am trying to build is that a user can choose a certain option from the interface X number of times and I need to store their selection (and records associated with that selection) and the order in which they were selected.


The idea I had in mind was that whenever a user chooses an option an indicator for "the number of times he went in the loop" would be part of the output 


For example:


In the first loop selection he chooses "DOG" and this outputted as "Output_1"

       the 1 would be the first loop

In the second loop he chooses "CAT" and this is outputted as "Output_2"

       the 2 would be the 2nd time around the loop

I need to build an application that does this loop X number of times and stores the output based on the order in which selection was made.


Please let me know if this is possible and any help would be appreciated 

Alteryx Partner

Hi! @Al12397ey 


I haven't done this (yet) but the way I would first try to approach this is to see if I could build two chained apps and then point them to each other (hence, creating a 'app' loop) and then I would need to find someway to 'end' one of the apps (likely by throwing an error) and then all results as one goes through the app would write out to a single file with appends. Does this make sense? A very cool concept for sure! I'll try and take a stab at this ...



Hi @joshuaburkhow


I actually figured this out, I used a looping concept for the chained Apps and in the app where the User selects an option (dog,cats,hamster etc) I also outputted the DateTime in the file name and a column using the the Datetimenow() function. In the last step I picked up all the files and sorted them by ascending which effectively tells me the order in which they were selected.