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Chained analytic apps - process for updating?

Alteryx Partner

I have created a set of 5 chained analytic apps. 


I find that if I update something in one of the middle apps (e.g. change the Interface from a drop down to a text input) then when I next run the app from step one of the chain, it doesn't update automatically - so I will still see the old drop down tool rather than text input pop up when I run it.


Is there a set process that needs to be followed?  I've tried saving all the steps, which didn't work.  I have tried shutting down and reopening - also no luck.





Alteryx Partner

I just ran the app immediately before the one that is not updating - and that time, it did present  the text input rather than the drop down.  


But when I run it from step one, it reverts to the drop down.  


What is happening here?

Alteryx Partner

OK- the issue is with the sequence of apps - it was opening the incorrect one.... my learning:  check everything!