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Chained App taking the output as input


Hi there,


In my analytics app, my input is table A in a database (first time) . The output is to update the same table, table A in the database. After the table is updated, I need to take the table A as an input (second time) to run some other tools. 


Problem: I need to type in the same path to the table in database twice in one analytics app, which may confuse users. 


Question: is there any way to avoid typing in the path twice? 



I tried use "Block" or chaining two analytics app together. But I did not get a good result. Can you help me? 




You can drag another flow from the 1 Interface Tool (where the path is entered for the 1st time), to the 2nd database object so that's updated also. You might have to manually bring in an Action tool to update the 2nd database object.

Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager

@Amy18 ,


As @RishiK mentioned you would have to use two Action tools to accomplish updating two input tools with one Interface tool. However, this won't help your situation. To attempt to update Input tools with different data from the same table cannot be accomplished within one workflow. The reason is that the Input tools are always run first within a workflow. The Block Until done tool does not have an effect on the Input tools. What I mean by that is that if an Input tool is connected to the workflow even after a Block Until Done tool, it will still execute at the same time as all of the Input tools within the workflow.


Your best option will be to create an app that then runs another workflow when completed. You can do this by using the Events tab and then the Run Command option. There are lot's of options here for you to consider. The easiest would be to capture the users query from the first app and push that query to the second app to then populate an Input tool within the next workflow. I would suggest using a macro or using a combination of an Input tool with the query and a Dynamic Input tool to update and pull the data.


Screenshot 2019-05-13 12.55.48.png


Screenshot 2019-05-13 12.57.28.png


Thanks. I will try.