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Certification Category...Practical?


Can anyone provide some insight as to what one could review if they are deficient in the "Practical" category for the Certification? Team is crushing everything else but getting killed in the Practical section. Haven't a clue to what direction to point for added follow up.







I would highly recommend the Weekly challenges.  If your team isn't already doing them, have them start as they are great training exercises that cover the breadth of the Alteryx Designer.



If you want to turn this into a "Practical" exercise, pick out a few from the list that are in the Intermediate or Advanced categories, and try and set a time limit of some sort, and have the whole team work on them at once as sort of a "mini-exam".  Then you can review submissions afterwards and talk about the solution/break down the best methodologies as a group, improving the team's skill set.  That should also have the added benefit of telling you if the issue is speed, comfort, or experience with the tool.


So it's the "How would you solve this problem? Choose the workflow(s)..."

<thinking aloud> Perhaps they are only solving for one and not the many?...


In addition to trying to solve the weekly problem once, try and have them solve it two ways?


This helps...Thank you. 


This upcoming Advanced Prep session might be just what you need! Good luck!