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Census Block Zip9 Coder Registry Error


Trying to get to Census block from some address data I have.  I've run through the CASS to get to Zip + 4 but I'm getting a "Registry Key Not Found" error on the Zip9 Coder tool, which is how I'm trying to get the block data.  Is there some additional download I'm missing?  I've installed the CASS data.  Is there another/better way to get the Census Block?

Creative Director
Creative Director

The ZIP9 Coder requires a data install. It is part of the Spatial data or Core Bundle. You can contact your accout rep or client services ( for access to this data.

Tara McCoy

Thanks Tara,

ayone else have a suggestion on how to get the Census Block data another way?




I am a trial user, but I cannot use this feature.

Is it any restriction due to trial period or limited feature?


Can you only give those tools which can be used? If we see a tool and cannot use it, its raelly meaningless 


thank you


Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager



The Zip9 Coder tool does need a specific license that is not apart of the trial. This tool along with some of the other tools require third party data and is the reason why we do not give this data out for free. If you are interested in testing the tool, you can reach out to your Sales rep to see if you can get a license that includes access to these tools. The reason why we show all tools in the trial that are available is so that people can inquire about getting access and also so they know what capabilities the tools have. If we didn't show all of the tools, the users may not see what other options are available in Alteryx like you have discovered.






Thank you Dan,

I liked your answer and the language too.