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Cells shifting left on Join Error

I am joining various tables from a database. I've tried two different ways to join this data, both with In-DB connections.

  1. Single written SQL query, joins inside this query
  2. Multiple Select queries joined, where each query represents only 1 of the 10 tables joined.

Each join results in the form shown in the output sample attached. FYI, I am unable to share the actual Alteryx job due to data restrictions of my company. In this spreadsheet, I've color coded columns for you to see the shifting I am referring to. As you see, some of the data is cut off because the data is shifted so far left some rows. 


Also, I have checked to reassure that the problem isn't that the background data simply isn't structured properly. I did this by filtering for one invoice number and when this is done, the correct rows, even those shifted left, still appear. So I assume this is an issue with the way I'm joining or Alteryx altogether.


Has anyone ever experienced this? This is my first time seeing this with Alteryx.


Hi @BriaNPowell 


You mention joins, but do you mean Unions?  In-db , unions align by column position.  The same in Alteryx if you specify "Auto config by Position",  This would account for the shift in columns if one query doesn't return the same number of columns as the others



Hi Dani, 


First, Thanks for the quick response. 


Second, I discovered that the data is split  in one column, The Product Description. The first half stays on the correct row, the last half goes to the next. This is not an Alteryx issue, it's how the data is structured in 3 of tables in our Data Lake.


Now, my questions is how to merge the two rows. I want to simultaneously merge the Product Description column, while shifting the other rows up.