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Catching errors when workflows is called from Command Line


Hello, I recently created several workflows that are called from the command line using a PowerShell script.  However, when doing this, I have no way of telling whether or not the workflow completed successfully unless I read the command line text for errors.


Does anyone know if there is a way to catch errors from the command line?


I'll admit to basically not knowing powershell, so i'm making some assumptions from typical cmd execution.

The alteryxegninecmd.exe should be returning an errorlevel like most applications, which you can find with %errorlevel%

I usually catch this by using something like:

set err=%errorlevel% immediately afterwards.

The %errorlevel% in Alteryx has 3 states
0 = success

1 = warning

2 = error


From there you should be able to do further error handling as needed.