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Capture Workflow running time


Is there any way to capture workflow start and end time using some tool or events?


I want to log this in my report and not getting correct way to implement, though alteryx log has start time but end time comes like Finished running in 10 minutes. 

Is there a way to capture both Start and End time in proper date format?






If you're looking to add these within your workflow then have you looked into using a formula tool and the DateTimeNow() function right at the beginning and then right at the end (after a Block Until Done).


If you want to report on your workflows then you can read the logs in a separate workflow and create Start and End times using the information there.


Hope this works for you.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

There's a couple of ways I would look at this challenge.


First I would use the workflow logs, inferring the end time by adding the duration to the start time; you can do this by creating an Alteryx workflow which parses the log file.


If you are working with Alteryx Server you may want to dive into the MongoDB and look in the 'As_Results' collection which contains the ExecutionStartTime and ExecutionTime fields, which of course can then be used to infer the end time.


The below image also indicates where, within the Alteryx Server Usage Report macro, this detail can be gathered.