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Cannot open Excel file after outputting from Alteryx to Excel




I have two processes that export data into XLSM files. When other users try to open these files after the workflow completed, the attached Excel error message appears. The users cannot access the file, no matter what buttons they push in Excel. I am the only person who can open these files. They are not protected or secured in any fashion. Something happens when Alteryx runs. Is there a locking mechanism? Has anybody encountered this problem? Please help. 

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I recall seeing this message in the past when trying to have Alteryx write an Excel worksheet where the worksheet name has too many characters. I think Excel only likes up to ~30 characters for worksheet names.



Never seen the lock out issue though.


Hi kheuer, 


Have you tried exporting to any other excel file format, like XLSX or legacy XLS? Do you encounter the same issue? 


Out of curiousity, is there a reason you export in the macro enabled workbook? If you are exporting the data and subsequently running a macro, would you be able to also build that macro out in Alteryx to output to a different file format that does not have this error? 


On a different thought process, where is the file being saved? If it is on a server or a shared drive, the default settings may need to be changed. Please see below. Trust Center.PNG


You may need to also have the other people attempting to open the file change the "Trusted Location" settings. 


Please let me know if either solution helps! 


Kind regards,




I am curious, did you ever solve this problem?  Thanks.

Yes, I have! The parallel block until done tool did the trick.