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Cannot figure out how to interpret CAPE Ethnic %'s from the ConsumerView Matching Tool


Hey Everyone, 


I have the Alteryx License for the ConsumerView matching data, and I'm running some of our accounts against the tool. What I'm confused on is how the CAPE Ethnic Pop % fields work. It seems extremely difficult to find documentation on this, as in I can't find anything that relates directly to this tool and these %'s at the moment. 


With that being said, it looks like the ConsumerView tool returns 4 fields (Asian, Black, Hispanic and White), and these do not sum to what looks to be 100% either with or without the Hispanic category (I did see some documentation that Hispanic might be intertwined with the other races but not sure in this case). 


Anyways, I'm attaching some sample output to help answer this (this is in SQL, but it's the same data types / fields in Alteryx). Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how I can find out how to use this data properly? 

Alteryx Certified Partner

I don't have a lot of experience with that tool, but I do with the Experian CAPE data. There are a couple things that are important to keep in mind when looking at these variables:


1) Hispanic is an ethnicity and not a race. This means that each racial population could be Hispanic or non-Hispanic. 

2) The races typically identified by the Experian US data are as follows:

    - American Indian & Alaska Native

    - Asian

    - Black/African American

    - Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander

    - White

    - Some other race

    - Two or more races



Thanks, that helps a bit. I think what I'm needing though is a way to determine ethnicity from the Consumer View Matching Tool. I do see in the documentation that what I posted earlier for Asian, Black and White ethnicities means those alone. However this is still somewhat confusing. 


I think a case example from the tool will help. In the attached example, you can see that the tool matched someone based on their full name and phone. And...there's just 1 person in the household. Now, it is showing that the 'CAPE: ETHNIC: POP % WHITE ONLY' is 64.3%, the black is 6.4% and the asian is 3.9%. I am newer to this data so any resources would help, but I'm wondering how I can practically interpret this. For example, do the %'s mean the 'confidence' that this 1 person in the household is a certain ethnicity? Or is it the entire block group is 64.3% white and I can say something like - based on the block group of this household and the fact that the entire group is significantly more white than other measured ethniticies, I can say with a certain probability that this is a white only household (or something like that)?


There are no other ethnic output fields from the consumer view matching tool to my knowledge other than what has been shared here, so I'm wondering how others have interpreted this data at the household level. 


Sorry attached the wrong file to the previous post; here's the example I was referring to. 


Hi @ccagle 


So the value ConsumerView is returning is the ethnic % for the Block Group that a household falls in - but it's only a subset of all the Race and Ethnicity data available (as you noted correctly - Hispanic is an Ethnicity and not a Race).


Since you have a US data license - do you also have the "Experian US" demographic data installed? If so - you can use the Allocate Input tool and select "Experian US" as your dataset. This will give you access to the full CAPE variables for further exploration. Specifically you can find the Race and Ethnicity percentage variables under Basic Variables > Current Year Estimates > By Percent > Race and Ethnicity.


Thanks TravisR, I do have access to that data and it looks like that will give me what I need.