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Cannot create an offline activation request

7 - Meteor

Hi all,


My alteryx version is just followed the help document to create an offline activation request file in Alteryx. But it doesn't help since I can't find the button "Activate with file" as shown below. What is wrong with my Alteryx?





@diabolic In 11.8.4 you need to be completely offline to get the activate with file button.  If you disconnect from the internet/turn off wifi and reopen alteryx and activate your license you should have the option. Starting in 2018.1.4 and newer versions you no longer need to be offline to do an offline activation.


5 - Atom

I have a user who gets the error indicating she can't connect to the license server. I've had a dozen or so successful offline activations, but hers does generate the button to create the request. 


Is there a workaround?



Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

@Ed-Alcon Are you able to provide a screenshot of the error message the user is receiving? It sounds like it's the "Your computer is not connected to your License Server" error. If so, the user will need to follow the steps below to switch back to the standard Manage Licenses window.

Click OK on the error message
Click on the gear icon in the top right corner
Click Change License Systems
Click Continue on the Change License Systems window
You may need to activate your license key again

You can also reference the Community article below that provides instructions on how to fix.


Once the user has switched back to the standard Manage License window, they can create the request file by selecting Activate New License > Activate with File where they'll select Create under "Create a request file to request activation."

5 - Atom

Thanks for the support @mnorberg!


I have attached an image of the error and will try this with the user tomorrow 


Many thanks!



@Ed-Alcon Hi Ed,


That error message indicates that the user's machine is having issues with connecting to our activation service. This is typically due to the firewall/proxy on the machine. The following steps would help to resolve the issue:


  1. Make sure that Port 80 and Port 443 are open.
  2. For Alteryx 2018.3 and newer versions, the System Requirements of the licensing system require access to whitelist.alteryx.com, so please make sure that your organization's network has not blocked communication to this endpoint.
  3. For versions older than 2018.3, the white-listing requirements can be found here

You may require your IT team’s assistance with the above.


The following Community Article is a useful guide on Alteryx licensing:


The Ins and Outs of Alteryx Licensing