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Cannot Publish Data to Power BI

6 - Meteoroid

Dear Alteryx user

I have encountered the problem when I was trying to run the workflow and here is the detail of that error


AADSTS50173: The provided grant has expired due to it being revoked. The user might have changed or reset thier password. The grant was issued on '2019-10-25T02:11:58.8428888z' and the TokensValidFrom date (before which tokens are no valid) for this user is '2019-11-28T01:04:47.0000000z'.


In addition, I have been forced by the system to change the password of my company email. Is it related to this problem. please provide me suggestion and highly appreciate for your support in advance

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Bordin_Wanichodom 


Are you using hard coded credentials on this tool or the interactive authorization?


Try the hard coded credentials with your new password.