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Cannot Parse Pipe Delimted File

8 - Asteroid

I am having trouble parsing a pipe delimited file  I have a 3 column text file that I am trying to read but it keeps coming in as one column.  It is a pipe delimited file but if I choose '|' as the delimiter, I get null values, if I choose '\t' then I get all the data but it is only in one column.  


No dataNo datadatadata

14 - Magnetar

Under Option 8 of the Input Data tool, try changing "start Data Import on Line" to 4.  The problem is that Alteryx uses the first row of data to determine the number of fields overall, and the file headers here are causing you some issues.


Alternatively, you can use the Text to columns tool to split out the data if you read it in undelimited (using \0)

8 - Asteroid

That worked!!! Thank you