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Can you save Cache from session to session?


I love the cache feature, but I cant figure out if there is a way to save the cache beyond the session. I occasionally have to restart my machine, and loose my cached db inputs. Can it be saved?


Hi Dan5, you can save the option to cache on database inputs in 2019.3 by selecting Option 4 Cache Data as shown in the screenshot below. However, once you close and reopen Alteryx the cached files will have been deleted, thus you would need to run again to create the cache. It's a little easier because you don't have to select all of you inputs and right click to cache. 


I used to always add a browse tool after my database inputs and save yxdb files (Alteryx Database type) of the data to use for developing the workflow. Next you can put the original Input Data Tools in Containers and disable them (thus saving the query input), and use an Input Data Tool pointing to the temporary yxdb. This way you are using saved temp files during development that will persist when Alteryx is closed. All you have to do when you are ready is enable the containers and connect back to the live data!




thanks for the workaround!

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The cache are just YXDB files that are stored in the workflows temp workspace. When you run the workflow, the result message window does list where it wrote (if caching for the first time) or reading from.


Often overlooked, you can right click on the message and tell it to open the folder the cache file is in. Copy all the "Cache_*.yxdb" files somewhere else so when you close the workflow, you have those caches to use. Granted, re-opening the workflow the cache files were created from will not automatically re-read from them so you'd need to temporarily swap where they should be used.