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Can you have two rows of the same data when using join tool

Hi, so I have joined two excel files together using asset number as the key to join by specific fields. The problem is that the files use the same asset number for the hardware asset amount and personal property tax. When I use the join tool, because they have the same asset number, alteryx only displays the asset number once. Is there a way, using the join tool, to display the same asset number in more than one row?


Thank you,

Chirag Gandhi 


It would be helpful to see the flow with some sample data.  If you have the join in place it would seem that you expected the same value in both sources...thus why keep them separate in 2 or more rows?  should you be using a UNION tool? 


That said have you considered adding another key field to join on like Asset Type?  how do you know it is Hardware vs Pers Prop Tax, there must be some field that allows you to differentiate this right?  Thus join on Asset# and on Asset Type.


Again you will need to share your problem more fully, typically by sharing the flow or a cleansed version.  The best solutions come with a clear understanding of data and the objective.