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Can we use windows authentication in Download tool ?


I am developing a workflow where I am downloading data from company's intranet website. I don't wan't to use username and password in the workflow / download tool.

Is it possible to use window's authentication in download tool, so that whoever runs the workflow, their credentials are used to download the relevant data or we can schedule it on scheduler without saving the username and password.


Hello Ashish,


At this time, the Download Tool doesn't support Windows authentication natively. You could potentially do this with the Run Command tool, calling a cURL or other executable. Some interesting information that may be helpful:


You could potentially use a command such as the following to hit your URL with the article above:


curl --ntlm -u : "http://your-url-here/"

We have a cURL executable in the following location by default that you could use to pass this command:


C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\Analytic_Apps


Hope this helps!

Mike Spoula
Solutions Architect - Services