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Can we use one license in two different virtual machines


We have installed alteryx server and desktop version in one Azure VM. We would like to install Alteryx server in different VM with same license key. 


Could someone please guide me how to do that?


if the above requirement is not possible with same license key, can we migrate entire Alteryx server from existing VM to another VM using exiting license key?


Kindly help us:)


Hello Jgaddam,

This is not possible to do with the licenses unless your license key has more than 1 seat.

You are able to transfer the license key to another server, but it will require you to deactivate it from the original VM before activating it on another machine.

If you wish to move the whole server instance, you will want to contact for assistance.

For more information on your licenses, please see the link below.

Licensing Help



Community Moderator

Thanks @ Trevors