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Can the Salesforce Output tool be used to update on any field other than the ID


Hey Everyone, 


I realize that the documentation for the Salesforce Output tool advises that the ID field is required for updates to tables in Salesforce using the tool (reference: 


But....our business needs to update Salesforce tables on columns that are not the ID. Is there anyway to do this with any Alteryx tool? 

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @ccagle 

As long as the output table includes an ID you can update the values in any of the fields in that table.


If what you're asking is whether you can make updates in tables that don't have an ID column than no, I don't believe that is possible.


Thanks, I'm actually asking if I can make an update on a field without using the Id for the update. An example would be a table with Id, Acct#, FirstName where I would update FirstName based on the Acct# only and not the Id. I'm wondering if there are any Alteryx tools that would make a situation like this possible.