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Can't see predictive tools after installing




I'm having trouble downloading and installing the predictive tool set.  I had them all available but they disappeared after installing 2018.3.  I clicked on Options, then Download Predictive Tools which takes me to the Downloads & Licenses home page.  I clicked on the Starter Kit section and downloaded the Predictive Analytics Starter Kit.  After installing it, I only see the Deploy and Score tools in the Predictive section however I don't see all the others (Linear Regression, Boosted, Forest, etc.).


I still see the Download Predictive Tools option in the Options menu however I don't see a link to download the full Predictive Tools collection.  When I click on the Alteryx Designer option on the downloads page I only see the most recent version (2018.3).  How do I download and install the full collection of the Predictive Tools?


Thank you.


Please disregard this message...I figured it out.

Alteryx Certified Partner

How did you solve this? I am having the exact same problem. Have done the exact steps you have with the same results and can't seem to get all the other tools to show up.


You have to click on Alteryx Designer, then click on the 2018.3.  It should then show you all the downloads associated with that version.  I got confused because I thought I would start the download of 2018.3 when in reality it just opens up another list of options.