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Can't read file error while running a workflow schedule


Hi guys!


I'm having some troubles with the workflow scheduler. I've built a very simple workflow with an update scheme, just to test if and how scheduling works. What the workflow basically does is inserting data from an .xls file into a SQL database (Steps: input data --> output data). The error I'm getting from my schedule log is:


Can't read the file "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\SchedulerTest.yxmd"


Read Error Alteryx.jpg


Why can't Alteryx read its own file format? I've searched the community forum for a solution, but can't find one. I don't think it has something to do with the directory, as Alteryx can find the file (I tried to change the Workflow Dependency Properties, but that doesn't make a difference). Also, when I run the worklow manually, it all works fine.


Hope someone can help me with this!


Thanks in advance,




Hi @jzondervan


I think it will be down to permissions of the scheduler. Can you change the run as option to run as your "Administrator" account, then is should have access to the location.


This is available in the system settings option: within designer Options > Advanced Options > System Settings


It should looks similar to this (but you will have less options than I):










That worked for me! I had already filled in these settings, but filled in the credentials of an account without admin rights. After I changed the credentials those of an admin account, the scheduling worked perfectly. Didn't think of that :). Easy solution in the end.


Joe you're my hero of the day. Many thanks from me and my colleagues!




You're welcome, anything in the duty of automating processes...... :-)

hello :D , just for the Domain which domain i need to put


Depends on the domain you're working. If you're working on a stand alone PC I think 'localhost' will do the trick, else check the name in the cmd