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Can I use the Download Tool to web scrape from javascript generated links?


I've been using Ctrl-U and the Download Tool to get data sets off hyperlinks on the internet so far but am stuck on a website where the links are javascript generated. Is there another tool that I could use to click through a website and download the data generated?

Alteryx Certified Partner

You might want to look into


@OliverW has you covered with a great write up of using this with Alteryx:

Alteryx Certified Partner

I used to be a big fan of as well but haven't used it in a while, and not sure how much free functionality they offer these days.


Thank you for the reply!


The Parsehub option seems really interesting and just what I need but I keep getting an error when I download Parsehub - very unfortunate.


@DavidM explored another option leveraging Selenium and Python - see here.