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Can I use google map as a base map for alteryx?

Can I use google map as a base map for alteryx?


Thank you,

Alteryx Certified Partner

There isn't a super simple way, but it does seem possible. Here are the two options I've found based on how you'd like to use the base map.


1. Modify your installation to reach the API. Here's a post by @Atabarezz:


"Alternative mapping APIs are possible, but they are not supported.  


  1. You can view the parameters of the Carto web map tile service here: C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\MapServer. 
  2. You'd likely want to install the new .map files somewhere else so they aren't overwritten with each product update.  
  3. You'll also need to add an .ini file for each new mapping dataset to here: C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\DataProducts\DataSets\Maps.  You may want to look at GlobeXplorer.ini for a reference."


2. It may be possible to specify and retrieve images one at a time. The link below shows a tread where this done for Google StreetView images by @SophiaF . Images would only be relevant for Reporting purposes and not if you're looking to browse maps within Designer.


Thank you so much for answer.