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Upgrade Alteryx Designer in 10 Steps

Debating whether or not to upgrade to the latest version of Alteryx Designer?


Can I use a Macro to Groupby_sum

New to Alteryx, and trying to recreate what I would do in a SAS macro... 


I am trying to create a macro  such that it takes 1-3 fields in a dataset and groups them to get sum of measures.  I also have a list of field combinations that I will keep in excel  to use to identify and title which combinations I want from the dataset. Lastly, I would like to export into a table and app (Output). 






It not necessary to create a macro, I attach a possible solution by your problem.




Thanks Francisco, however, above is a sample of fields, I have over 70+ combinations, hence why I feel a macro would be helpful here. Additionally, I have an Excel file (configuration table) as a list to allow adding more combinations.