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Can I stop a workflow without a macro if no file is detected?


Is it possible to stop a workflow without using a macro?


I have a vendor that sends us a file via sFTP, however the time they send the file isn't consistent so this workflow runs every hour from 8am-11am.  The problem that's happening is that the workflow is designed as follows:


Directory tool lists files in a folder

File info is passed to dynamic input to read the file

File is loaded into database (database is set to delete all data and append)


Now when there is no file,I would expect nothing to happen, but what ends up happening is Alteryx passes the metadata all the way to the output component which proceeds to delete the data.  I want to delete the data but only if there's something to append, but if there is no file, then do not truncate the table. Any thoughts or ideas?

Alteryx Partner

Hi @derekbelyea

My concern with that approach is that I wouldn't be able to put email notifications on for actual errors, I mean I technically could, but then I'd keep reeving error notifications every hour that we did not received a file.



Alteryx Certified Partner

@adm510 Why you don't want to use macro?


You can use detour tool to skip processing if there is no file. This is possible only using a macro.


Also, you can use 2 tool containers and enable one dynamically. Again this needs a macro.



My issue is that I have to maintain the workflow in the gallery, and then maintain the macro somewhere else externally.  Either way, I'm not against it, I'd just prefer not to use them if possible, but to your point I think I have no options here but to use a macro.

Alteryx Certified Partner

You cannot have macros used in workflow separatly in a network share. The underlying macros in workflow are packages and deployed to Gallery as part of workflow. That is the reason when a workflow is downloaded from gallery it is in .yxzp type.


This will be a problem when you want to maintain versions.