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Can I read workflows from the Gallery without downloading them?

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I am looking for some improvements to a workflow I have. What I need is to read all the workflows on the Gallery as csv/text files, then add a filter tool to pick up "something". Something can be "output" table. Or it can be a field name in a formula, and input file name or maybe just metadata of the file.


So far I have a working solution using the Alteryx Gallery API. I am able to collect a list of all workflows that are on the Gallery. For each file, I then make an API call (GET /v1/{appId}/package/ )to get the workflow itself stored as a BLOB. I then output this as a appId.ZIP. Next I use a dynamic input to read the workflow inside the zip file and I can filter out the records I am looking for.


But this takes 16 seconds per workflow and we have some hundred workflows, and I need to store the files.


Can I read the BLOB content as string or convert it to string within the workflow without storing it as a ZIP?





I don't think this would be possible as the blob is a zip which needs to be "decrypted" before you can read the contents - xml which is a text file


How frequently do you need to run the process? Do you need to run it for all workflows every time if they were not changed since the last pull?