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Can I keep my source excel tab as the first tab in an output excel file?


See my workflow below - the workflow is taking the source file and creating an output with a separate file for each company in "CO" column and a separate tab within that file for each state. Is it possible to generate this same output and have the first tab within the output be the original source tab? 




Hi @bradaba,


you can do so, but you should use a block until done tool and in the output tool, in the 3rd menu (output options, you can select overwrite sheet (drop), it should do the job.


@Ladarthur - thank you. That makes sense. With my original workfow, I am outputting several files. Is there a way to get the original source data file included in each of the output files? 


@bradaba  Could you provide a sample workflow? to add new tabs, everything is happening in the output tool, so if I could see, I could help you better!


See workflow attached. With this updated workflow, I am able to attach the source data tab in the first output file (for Co 1000). I'd like to have the source data tab included in each of the output files. And if possible, have the original source data tab filtered to only show the respective company's data. So for the Co 1000 output file, the first tab would be the original source data tab, with all non-Co 1000 rows filtered out. 




@Ladarthur - here is the original source file as well if that'd be useful. 


thanks again!!


From what I see, you have other CO "n" lines in your file, you should filter it before doing your files modifications.