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Can Alteryx open multiple EXCEL sheets at once?

8 - Asteroid

I have some big EXCEL workbook that each of them contains more than 30 sheets.

When I drag one file into the canvas, it only allow me to open 1 sheet at a time.


Is there any way that can open all the sheets that under the same workbook at once?

Thank you.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @ll1100000,


I guess the following posts can help you with this.


Excel sheets with same structure:


Excel sheets with different structures:


Kind regards,


Paul Noirel

Customer Support Engineer

12 - Quasar

With your multiple sheets from a single file (or even multiple sheets from multiple files) do you want to:


1. union them, and all have the perfectly exact same structure?

2. union them, and they have at least a slight variation? (different order, different names, different data type or length)

3. join them, with a common key field between them all? (one-to-one style)

4. join them, with different keys fields? (one-to-one and/or one-to-many mixed)

5. some mixture of the above options?

6. none of the above, bring in each sheet as a separate stream?

7. something else that I have not accounted for above?


With more details and a sample file that represents your situation, and a mock-up of what you want for a result, we can make a macro and workflow to fit your situation.


For an example of #2, see