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Can Alteryx connect to a PeopleSoft Query?

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My leader is asking me to try to automate a use case that begins with a PeopleSoft query.  Can someone at a high level answer if this is possible to do?


1) Do I need to have a database account to do this or am I able to connect to with just query access?

2) I assume I need to format the query in a different way than standard PeS Query logic, correct?


Thanks in advance!

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1. You can connect to the underlying Oracle database using either an Oracle or ODBC connection within the Input Data tool. You'll need the database location and access permissions.

2. Once connected you should be able to build a query on the database rather than using the PeopleSoft query.

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HI Tony,

Thanks for the reply!  I thought database permissions might be required for this.  Appreciate you confirming!


Mark S.