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Call VBA macro from Alteryx

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I was wondering if you are using Office 365?, there were issues encountered getting this .vbs process to work in that OS.

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@Garrett Hi, I am a new starter of Alteryx. My case is I need to import XLSB files to Alteryx. So after reading your post, I just wonder how this ScriptFromAlteryx.vbs file is created? and where can I get wscript.exe?

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1. The Input Data tool in Alteryx should be able to open XLSB files directly. Might need to install a new driver, but otherwise it's a native file format in recent versions:


2. In the case I originally described, I use Text Input, Formula tool, etc. within the Alteryx workflow itself to create the data for the .VBS file, then I use the Output Data tool to write the .VBS file to disk, and then finally I call it from the "Events" tab. An alternative (and simpler, but less dynamic) approach would be to create the .VBS in a text editor or similar and save it out to disk totally separate from Alteryx and then call it from an Event or the Run Command tool.


3. I'm not sure where to get wscript.exe. I *think* it is just installed as part of Windows. Mine is located locally here: C:\Windows\WinSxS\

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Hi @Garrett , thanks a lot for the explanations. Since my firm does not support installation of the access database driver without high level manager approval, I would just use the macro to read in xlsb files.


And it turns out the vbs codes are a bit complicated for me to digest at the moment. I think I need to spend some time on this later. But thanks for the information you provided, it helped a lot!